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From an early age, I have many fond memories of the relationships and strong bonds made with family and friends.  From family, whose bonds are deeply rooted in faith, to lifelong friendships forged…  I have always been able to see life through the unique perspective of the loving women, sisters, nieces, and amazing friends surrounding me.


As a young man, those strong bonds that had become second nature to me, allowed me to thrive in the retail fashion industry where I got to make personal connections with my customers every day.  Making people laugh and smile, feel special, and helping them to look and feel their absolute best created a sense of satisfaction within me. 


While I was conquering the retail fashion industry, my mother began a small home-based soap making and beauty products business to supplement income for the family.  Selling throughout south Texas, she took great care to ensure top quality ingredients were used and continued to perfect her recipes for years to come.




In early 2017, on a beautiful Spring day in Houston, the idea struck me… I should take my love for the women in my life and honor them by continuing my mother's work.  On a leap of faith, I began working with my mother to develop my version of the business using her time-tested recipes.  I focused early on with branding and creating a look and feel for the business I wanted to create.  I leaned into my love for travel and the special places that I have visited and have come to know and love.  The first places that came to mind were England and France… and voila French and English was born.



In 2019, while I was developing ideas for the launch of French & English Body… the vision of offering a line of premium Face products began to surface.  I knew that they had to be made of the best quality ingredients nature has to offer, but also trusted by dermatologists.  After over two years of research, testing and planning, I partnered with a US based skin care products company to bring the vision to life.  Simply known as French & English Face, a line of premium vitamin rich, botanical based Face products with formulas rooted in science for beautiful skin.




The brand has a decidedly feminine appeal with images of floral, manicured gardens, architecture, and everything fabulous and European.   Sourcing ingredients from the best suppliers available, we provide top quality, “clean” products that harkens back to the fine English and Parisian shops of long ago. 


We sincerely hope you will enjoy our products and encourage you to get to know La Jillian, La Hailey, La Teresa, and the rest of my beautiful family.



-Eddie Cabrera, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

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