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Bath Bombs

Why Our Bath Bombs Are Top-Notch

There’s no doubt that bath bombs have become one of the most popular pampering products today. At French & English, our moisturizing bath bombs are made with coconut oil that contains tons of healthy fats and vitamin E to make your skin nice and smooth. These bombs also contain kaolin clay, an ingredient that features nourishing components to give your skin a smooth and creamy feel. Kaolin clay also helps your skin retain moisture so that you feel smooth and soft when you get out of the tub. Of course, no bath bomb is complete without a little glitter! Our bath bombs include a lightweight, fine mica-based glitter for a fun sparkly shine. Everything we use is responsibly sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free, so you can be assured you’re getting quality products that are safe and good for the environment, too! Visit our shop today to find the perfect bath bomb, body butter, soap, and a whole lot more.

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